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Successful to apply for a job " the dot metals and stone-a symbol of hardness an
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Professional clothing, round-table, resume, these just are the appearance of invite applications for a job it seems that. Nevertheless, some hotel performed land home mouth however recently " of dinner of night of " of an invite applications for a job, the person that the manager invites interview in all sup, talent recruit is finished on table. It is reported, the originality of " of dinner of night of " of invite applications for a job comes from at an England student studying abroad, can be a result beyond invite applications for a job person expect, interview person too too overcautious do not put, so that connect preparative resume,do not have an opportunity to be taken. " of dinner of night of " of invite applications for a job, such additional how do you treat kind of form? Experience is additional kind of invite applications for a job, can you answer freely?

Xiao Xue employee of 30 years old of companies

This year's unripe be not social personnel

Present this year's graduates is really enough difficult, competition is intense, must think answer sundry interview. It is because of “ the mode of ” of 3 joint hearing has been everybody probably place is hep, so interview official follows graduate uniquely to be the same as desk have a meal, in the person that to apply for a job thinks on meal bureau.

Interview official thinks the way that have a meal is easier probably, little imagine, the lead that follows tomorrow has a meal together, this year's to what have not graduate saying natively is a how embarrassed thing. I also had experienced the process of to apply for a job, the sort of feeling, like Gu Fu arriving at the beginning of He Linmei younger sister, “ wants to be taken care step by step, care about constantly; Do not say a word more, cannot road of many one pace, feared be being mocked. ” interview official has what kind of love after all, how should oneself master proper limits for speech or action, there are these issues in brains, I think, there is what food after all on the desk, graduate people be afraid it is not clear to say.

Undergraduate and social personnel are different after all, gregarious and formal the strong point that is not them. The likelihood is graduate well-prepared, but the circumstances that did not think of ” of this “ exam however can be to be on their not familiar table. The detail that the attention wants on table is too much, graduate people the business affairs fete that rarely the opportunity contacts high standards, have a meal itself is told to them is the thing that do one's best of a need does not make a mistake. Do not know what to say, propose a toast clip dish also appears so overcautious, cannot finding equal opportunity to hand over resume is automatical. If have a meal instead drinks tea, graduate people may more times consider how project oneself, is not with “ do one's best the ” that do not have a fault is a target.

Chen Liang personnel of 28 years old of technologies
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