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Face test mass wants level applicant to walk along a company to had begun
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Interview is the most important level in to apply for a job, I can inspect applicant's temperament and main business quality. Actually, walk along a company to rise momently then from applicant, I had begun to assess. The Mitsui products that human affairs of ” responsible company works (China) Mr Wang Weiling says business vise general manager.

Regard “ fortune as the world-renowned transnational corporation of 500 strong ” , in interview talent respect, have a distinctive method oneself. If using Wang Weiling, tell even if: Interview process is a process that make friend, without fixed problem and form, because of the person different.

“ interview can succeed, what perhaps step into gate hind in you is original 3 seconds are decided. What interview assesses above all is explicit temperament of applicant, applicant's dress, hairstyle, take appearance, and greet sb with interview personnel, receive the bearing that sends a document, these are casual a finished action, be a company of explicit to them temperament inspect a process. ”

Wang Weiling says, most applicant, especially when the this year's graduates is planning interview, overmuch ground puts energy on the problem that suspects interview to may be asked about, spend a lot of time to prepare the result, however oversight the “ bagatelle ” such as bearing of the way one speaks or what he says. However, the interview personnel of the company is the opportunity that won't let off any to be able to inspect applicant. As a whole, applicant's dress dresses up should neat, easy, decent, do not wear a suit certainly, make tie, can wear some more recreationally, but a few additional kind of exaggerated dress, wait like leaky jeans, it is undesirable for certain.

In immanent temperament of applicant, self-confidence is valued most.

“ some graduate feel he are not a school one's previous experience, it is in to apply for a job the name of school of intended leave out, we won't offer an opportunity to such person absolutely. Because he was shown above all not self-confident to oneself; Contrary those are not out name school, but the person that shows graduate school according to the facts, can get increasing the chance of cent in process of to apply for a job. ”

Wang Weiling suggests, the applicant in interview should change “ passive ” is “ active ” , the person that do not regard oneself to be inspected, serve as the company however inspect an object, have this kind of easy state of mind, can be full of self-confident ground to finish interview.

“ inspects immanent temperament of applicant, the company still designed a few actual setting. ” Wang Weiling cited a case, after applicant goes to a company, a staff member can get him to assembly room from the doorway, turn in assembly room circuit, get him from inside assembly room again. This checks a title namely, let applicant described his what to see? Some applicant, can circumstantiate goes out from whats to see to assembly room into the door, and some people say not to come out. Through this simple test can see, those can depict the person that sees racily, can adjust well state of mind, let oneself be loosened immediately come down, be considered as to fill self-confident person normally.
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