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Face test mass wants level applicant to walk along a company to had begun
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Immanent temperament of applicant, the feeling of proper limits for speech or action when still including to answer a question, logic.

Wang Weiling says, unit of choose and employ persons basically is to inspect applicant to be when answer problem, whether to pass close reflection, the solution is appropriate wait. A lot of this year's graduateses are done poorlier in this respect, they are overestimated to their ability normally. When answer firm puts questions, exaggerate at will to can acquire position oneself ability. But become when the query is more thorough, they often cannot justify oneself again.

In “ interview, we are paid attention to more inspect applicant to whether have primary business quality, a few specific professional ability basically make an on-the-spot investigation by business section. ” Wang Weiling says. As the last pace of interview, in main business quality in making an on-the-spot investigation, the company still often can install setting of a few “ to inscribe ” , style of the ability of meet an emergency that so as to inspects applicant, work and play method. These setting are inscribed, it is everybody doable title commonly, but had done not easy however, and cannot prepare beforehand, make a holiday very hard. These titles can expose the actual strength of oneself directly almost, to apply for a job person if do not take care, probable all one's previous efforts wasted.

Be aimed at a few applicant, especially graduate of this year's college has stronger academic knowledge, but the general character that uses ability difference actually, in interview, unit of choose and employ persons often can let applicant finish a little job temporarily. For instance, let him take an inside data to wait to section of a certain business. Of course, can install a few difficulty beforehand in this process. Some people can finish the job, win out from inside this small task, and some people cannot finish the job at all. Such, whose integrated quality is finer with respect to clearly.

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