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Should be interview preparation weighed " difficult " light " easy " ?
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Little at present, graduate of a little old technical secondary school is being done when applying for interview to prepare, often consider the issue too complex, consider the issue that unit of choose and employ persons studies an official to put forward too difficult, light “ of difficult ” of heavy when doing interview to prepare “ is then easy ” , put energy in tall difficulty on the problem, and the theory that ignored fundamental sex and technical knowledge. When applying for interview consequently, can appear instead to easy ABC examination questions the accident of type of ” of “ a man of great wisdom appears slow-witted.

Actually, do apply for interview preparation, lean a few time of the day only, to tall difficulty theory and technical knowledge undertake assault reviews and consult mastering is not actual, the long-term study that basically should rely on to go and accumulate. Do in limited time apply for interview preparation, ought to carry the condition of the unit of choose and employ persons that data of invite applications for a job, network, advisory him understanding wants to apply for however, ground temperature reviews and specific aim consults about basic knowledge, especially the relevant data of the position that oneself apply for.

In addition, still should prepare what the likelihood that take an examination of an official puts forward to compare groovy problem, be like: Why should you apply for our company? This is those who inspect applicant apply for a purpose; Is the position that you apply for to you interested? This is to inspect what applicant correspondence hires position to have deep love for degree; If you by our company employ, what do you have to develop a plan? This is to inspect the position that applicant applies for to oneself to already had made the plan that how develops the work, be equivalent to ” of “ inaugural speech. These similar problems, it is easier, should prepare a bit only can respondent if flow. The meeting taking an examination of an official that even if comes up against raises some of blame convention question, but difficulty also won't big, can adapt oneself to changing circumstances, clever answer.

As a whole, graduate of old technical secondary school is done apply for preparation, should notice to handle the relation of easy ” of good “ difficult ” and “ , do not weigh easy ” of light “ of “ difficult ” , attend to one thing and lose another.