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The contraindication of language of the limbs in interview
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This is you and interview official the first time meet. If he / she reachs a hand, grasp however a jelly, wet hand, this affirmation is not good germinant. Handclasp should be solid strong, but not too exert all one's strength, and the hand ought to be dry, warm. If you just drive interview to the spot, with hand of cold water in a state of excitement, make him keep one's hair on. If control hair is cool, cover with hot water.

Sitting position

If “ station is loose, be like,sit bell ” , when interview also should such. Should show energy and cordial, lax pose can let a person feel whacked or you are unmindful. Can look in the mirror before interview, or pat Duan Lu to resemble examining his.

The eyes

Interview official should be looked at when interview, but not glaring, because such appearing,have aggression sex too. Do not keep sweep room, can appear lack self-confidence or lack interest to place conversation topic.


Some of gesture is being made when conversation is very natural, but gesticulation is too much the attention that also meets dispersive person. Avoid the mouth that you touch when conversation. When calling at ordinary times, oneself can look before the mirror, because you use same signal probably in interview.


It doesn't matter compares fingering hair, take the land by the cap of a pen, foot, or in spite of oneself feeling body some part is worse. Prepare your speech, ground of the keep one's countenance when interview speaks out.