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Test heart world tries outside meaning
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” of trap of “ of interview of design of rack one's brains is a of invite applications for a job of contemporary company person with ability marked characteristic. Many companies arrive for invite applications for a job eligible and useful talent, the meeting requirement according to position of invite applications for a job, design accident ” of “ of a few interview, survey the inner world that the genuine talent that gives the person that apply for interview and nature reveal with this, make from this accept or reject. Accordingly, interview person experience “ accident ” is the thing in reason, do not feel spellbound with consternation. The person that a few interview are listed below answers the example of ” of interview “ accident successfully, the hope can be right your duty field life is helped somewhat.

Interview shifts to an earlier date suddenly

Some company wants invite applications for a job director of a business, many ginseng increase enter into rivalry, through the written examination in the morning, go up machine operation assessment, graduate is promoted China passed preliminary examination smoothly with additionally 3 applicant, had arrived at this moment midday, official of be in charge of an examination informs them: Be in 2:30 p.m. second-round exam of conference sitting room. Promote China because took convenient side, in; of put up with of conference sitting room additionally 3 people have a meal to the outside. Spent half hour about, official of be in charge of an examination walks into conference sitting room, see promote only China one person, inform promote China: The second-round exam afternoon is in office of 8 buildings president to undertake to 1 o'clock ahead of schedule. Promote China see the time that leaves a second-round exam have more than 20 minutes only, say anxiously to official of be in charge of an examination: Additionally 3 people go “ had a meal, how to do? Official of ” be in charge of an examination says: “ sees they inform, did not see calculated. Was in charge of good yourself to go! ”

Promote China think of oneself cannot such selfishness, work in conference sitting room waiting, till the last moment, 3 people had not appeared, then he took a note on the door, tell additionally 3 people the second-round exam was in office of 8 buildings president to undertake to midday ahead of schedule, let them see come instantly after scrip. After leaving a message, promote China the second-round exam drives to the place in last time, see them however 3 people already waited in president office! So this is the examination questions of the second-round exam.

The person that official of be in charge of an examination had informed all second-round exams alone, the others 3 people be blinded by gain, the message that did not shift to an earlier date the second-round exam tells someone else; is promoted only China did so. When the second-round exam, the president asks promote China: “ hears you are waiting for someone else downstairs all the time, why should be you done so? ” promotes China answer: “ is met to others machine even if to oneself opportunity; relies on opportunistic get victory is not graduate of college of a high quality be. ” president at once clappers employ he.
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