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Test heart world tries outside meaning
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Clew: Applying for interview also is to be a person to conduct oneself in society, moral character is successful premise loftily. It is other consider more only, find pleasure to help others, ability laugh arrives finally.

Interview cancels temporarily

Some company is in invite applications for a job before the interview of a batch of clerks, drive the truck that comes to a few be fully loaded with goods of purpose, the person that ask interview helps discharging. Official of be in charge of an examination take the lead, be the first applicant of; of discharging getting on a car wants to be behaved before official of be in charge of an examination, leave a good the first impression, work so all the more exert to one's utmost. Goods discharge arrives half when, official of be in charge of an examination is abrupt “ sprain lumbar ” , be in of others support sb with hand issue a hospital to see a doctor, official of the be in charge of an examination when facing says to applicant: “ is very sorry, today's interview is obliged to cancel; as to when interview, the company can inform you. The form of the official of be in charge of an examination such as ” disappears, many applicant be foul-mouthed, refuse at once and go, also one part applicant insists to be over goods discharge to just leave. This batch works start well and end well person on the spot by company take sb on the staff. So this is a special interview: Went because of official of wounded be in charge of an examination, however still official of another be in charge of an examination is in the spot is silent, applicant's every word and deed is seen as clear as dayly by him.

Clew: Duty field most of favour is those do not negotiate price, not plan pay, be happy the person; of sureness of consecratory, diligent and conscientious, start well and end well those haggle over every ounce the person that discuss situation of pay, anticlimactic a secretary in charge of sth, although temporarily deceive pass a barrier, do not endure practice after all examine, cannot cast off the destiny that is washed out.

Interview midway pauses

The small beautiful that just graduated from the university goes to a company applying for secretariat, by the president personally interview. After the president has a test to small beautiful from many sided, satisfactory smile is shown slowly on the face. At this moment, the president received a telephone call, say to small beautiful: “ I am occupied go out, ask you to wait a bit. This goes to ” president is half many hour, small beautiful has some of impatient; but the mood that she stabilized herself very quickly, take out the pocket magazine of a precondition from the pocket, entered story clue a little while, come in even the president not to know. The president informs her gladly: You will come to “ tomorrow go to work. ” is original half this many hour, the president observes her in another monitoring room all the time (president office installed monitor) , the action that sees small beautiful accords with a secretarial to ask, reason employ she.
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