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High pay and glad to cannot hold concurrently
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High pay is the objective that every white-collar pursues, the body is on-the-job, who does not hope whose job has a your others to envy the wage of high specified number that makes his abundant? But teleplay " Liu Laogen " in the actor's lines that has an afford for thought, saying is “ curule be inferior to high pay, high pay is inferior to longevity, longevity is inferior to glad. ” sees the highest state that glad ability is life.

already high pay Where is glad profession? Without, the world does not have free lunch, an any bosses won't work a small loose happy income high again ground of for no reason gives free you. High pay has price, often work overtime, without the playday, unending dinner party, person contact with that does not like with oneself, hard force of the tall responsibility that the pressure of divert oneself from loneliness or boredom, healthy damage, consenescence quickens …… to face high pay to fall, high pressure, what we should do is not grouse and evasive, how to adjust however the grouchy state of mind below high pay high pressure. ?

High pay why grouchy?

Story 1 tired- - rely on tea and coffee to prop up

Tang Xiaoyu (market manager) the portion before the pay of this job is compared works really tower above one times much. I am what kind at that time is complacent! Work overtime irrespective, anyway my lunar income enough lets me take the advantage of dinner clearance to taste brand shop to brush calorie of blood to go all out in downstair name, by this, I am extremely satisfactory to this job!

Slowly I just discover, work overtime every night, want to just can rest later at 2 o'clock in before dawn occasionally, more provoking by day. One big early, I go straight towards the cafes on the side of office building to drink a cup continuously, this cup enough my full of vim and vigour one morning; But after lunch passes, strand so that be no good, afternoon two must drink the 2nd cup at 3 o'clock again. Work overtime to want to drink the 3rd cup again in the evening. Do not have coffee to supporting, eye leather fights.

Begin me bumbling still what to drink to block Ma of Bujinuo, caramel to surprise, flat later take boiled water to develop “ nest ” directly, do not add a milk, interest is more sufficient. To later, begin to disrelish coffee flavour is too weak, the green tea that is inferior to drinking home town to deliver better off.

Be be unable to stand really! I do not have time and gentleman to have dinner, do not have time spring outing, to finally, ramble repeatedly the time that downstair name tastes inn also is done not have, not be to be not smoked give this half hours, it is tired and lack of power really, can sit to standing absolutely, which still have interest to stepping on cusp fine high-heeled shoes to go shopping?

You want to take the salary of 10 times more than others, be about to pay the price of 100 times energy! Abdication? Cry on the mouth just, just paid mortgage house money, bought a car again, developing this pay, how to wear also must maintain 5 years, 8 years! Can high pay also face unemployment?
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