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High pay and glad to cannot hold concurrently
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Story 2 competition- - a bit not careful with respect to come off sentry duty

Annie (college teacher) the teacher that I am university government department so, want course to no hurry only, often go to a few companies gues-starring. A manager that ever had listened to my lecture hopes I can hold the position of administration to be in charge of one duty to his company, and pay should be gotten higher than be in an university much. Such invitation, alluring to me very big. I promised the boss' invitation. But go up in the choice of position, I chose the position of human affairs manager, is not administrative director.

The pay of high specified number, the boss' accredit, the job is step-by-step, all these lets me become be content with the current situation, do not beg aspirant, lax to working to also begin apparently. The boss hinders to be done not have at face bright say, he seeks the person, have affliction talk. Later, the company drew on an administration inspector general. This chief inspector has opinion very much in administrative field not only, in interview of talent invite applications for a job, psychology the respect such as evaluation also has very late strength. After new inspector general reachs the designated position, the personnel configuration that is this pair of branches above all undertook recombining, undertook business accounting to the human affairs cost of whole company next, still say director of responsibility of my this individual basically is an empty duty, concerned function is OK add up arrives administrative inspector general goes in one duty.

Then, I am moved very quickly toward financial department to do employee performance to examine, explanation of new inspector general says: You need not worry, I this administration inspector general is completely capable to had done your original work, but demand of employee performance assessment is very high, very trival also, behoove by quite the mature employee of working ability and experience goes holding the position of, your pay is not low, also have certain working experience, holding the position of this job is of course.

I was used to the job of do a familiar work with ease, do not like a challenge, to new job lack is studied and patient, on new post, work efficiency did not reach the level that matchs with my salary photograph apparently, before long, I received the announcement that the company renews the contract no longer.

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