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Guangdong: Unit of choose and employ persons does not get compulsive pregnant wo
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Rose to carry out beneficial of bride women's right formally to guarantee a standard on October 1 this year

Yesterday (22 days) in the morning, the “ that bureau of administration of justice of the Women's Federation of Guangdong province the Women's Federation, province judicatory hall, Guangzhou city, town begins jointly ensures woman rights and interests to promote social harmony -- ― is carried out carry out " Guangdong province is carried out < woman rights and interests guarantees a standard > method " (the following abbreviation. The expert of many 60 law that this activity invited 21 departments of province, city in all, education expert, medical treatment expert and psychological expert are masses spot to solve a problem.

" method " specific provision, because marry,unit of choose and employ persons is not gotten, be pregnant, lactation, produce period wait for case, reduce the salary of female worker and welfare salary, home remedy removes with female worker contract, change station of female worker work to ought to be asked for so that its oneself agree.

Expert of service center of law of province the Women's Federation points out, basis " method " , if party does not wish to relieve guard,cause controversy, do not go to work or cannot go up class, responsibility will fall in the unit, unit of “ choose and employ persons still wants wage of party of issue as before. ”