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Heilongjiang country teacher year salary of average per capita is added to nearl
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In recent years, heilongjiang province increases finance to throw strength, work up the new educational funds that gives priority to with governmental investment guarantees system of organization, pay of teacher of complete province country by year of average per capita 1998 8000 yuan, grow 2006 19000 yuan or so. The reporter taught hall to understand this from Heilongjiang province recently.   

As we have learned, after executing “ to give priority to ” management system with the county, heilongjiang is saved get on pay of teacher of rural middle and primary school entirely get prefectural class government, province finance adopted all sorts of measure to increase to pay to the move of prefectural home village or town substantially, executed pedagogic pay to entrust a bank to extend directly system.

Since 2002, to raise pedagogic pay level further, the province set Heilongjiang to be united for the unit with the county deliver level of knock off endowment, rural teacher pay not under standard of town teacher pay, pay of teacher of middle and primary school is not versed in under officeholder endowment standard. Hold to “ first the principle of ” of the cadre after the teacher, preferential extend rural teacher pay. Pay of teacher of complete province country by year of average per capita 1998 8000 yuan, growth arrives 2006 19000 yuan or so.

Additional as we have learned, heilongjiang saves the look forward to that already received to do school teacher pay to already kept balance with pay of governmental education teacher, cash entirely. Pay of farming cultivate teacher pays by central finance, average wage standard place of summary prep above; Because dark industry system is the administrative system of syncretic of politics look forward to, pedagogic pay on the whole under local teacher pay.

To raise the wage of dark labour teacher, province government threw 200 million yuan 2007, dark industry system prepares 60 million yuan to undertake wage allowance oneself. Current, monthly wages of teacher of dark industry system is 1200 yuan on average, narrow stage by stage with gap of local teacher wage.