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How does duty field new personality buy insurance?
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The duty field people of a new type that just entered a society consumes ideal lead, the flower on ” is provided in the individual “ standard such as mobile phone, computer, MP3 cherish of Qian Hao not stint, but a “ with often be ignored more important deploys ”—— to be sure.

A lot of youths think him body is good, the risk is very distant from oneself, not need buys insurance. Actually, saving of duty field new personality is little, and should be buy a house, marry, filial education prepare, need many capital, fight risk ability weaker, if in case encounter an accident, the likelihood will be faced with “ to lose a family fortune the consequence of ” . Accordingly, youth very be necessary against a rainy day, to buy an insurance in the future. And, equal a place difficult of access is planted, keep the specified number likewise, insurance cost can increase along with the growth of insurant age. Etc the age buys insurance again when state of bigger, body is exasperate, mix very likely because of the age health is protected by refus consequently formerly, although passed a nucleus to protect, also should pay younger when more insurance cost. Accordingly, person is sure to need to plan before it is too late.
Another kind of viewpoint is, the unit had given him to go up to be sure, need not draw out money more again. Actually, this also should consider according to actual condition. Big company general welfare is better, safeguard is all ready, oneself are OK little buy insurance of a few business, but small company cannot offer perfect insurance plan commonly, did not buy any insurance for employee even. Accordingly, small company staff more need oneself to draw out money, buy appropriate insurance, in order to ensure oneself future.

Line of the products of the insurance on current market is various, how should choose to fit oneself insurance product?

The danger that should make clear oneself to need most above all is planted. The risk nothing is more... than with the greatest life dies, danger of a safeguard fixed birthday is accordingly indispensable. Except death, accident harm and major disease also are the two gale risk that the youth faces. According to statistic, contingency ranks first of youth death reason. And major disease also appears piece young turn a tide, the probability of youth sicken is higher and higher. Accordingly, accident danger and major disease insurance can serve as additional risk to buy.

The accident in when choosing accident risk, wanting to consider the life and work integratedly gives danger probability. Generally speaking, the crowd that big, need often is away on official business can buy working fluidity more a few, and office white-collar, article member wait OK and right amount the proportion that reduces accident risk. Additional, a few health still can complement on the foundation here kind additional risk. Common health kind additional risk has danger of add be in hospital and a place difficult of access of allowance of add be in hospital two kinds, can be sure according to the medical treatment of own unit welfare case makes corresponding choice. If have,odd potential energy submits an expense account one part, optional choose is subsidiary kind of insurance; Conversely, need to buy ability of danger of add be in hospital to get enough safeguard.
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