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The provision of the commonnest a few big Xiang Yu the Conqueror in labor contra
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Because work,the contract can negotiate formulate by the both sides that use worker worker, major case issues the asymmetry of active advantageous position of unit and employee, the unit often prepares a contract, employee has signing share only, appeared from this clause of a lot of Xiang Yu the Conqueror. The reporter ensured section of branch, labour union, law to understand from labor recently, since a period, 10 have the article of Xiang Yu the Conqueror that appears in labor contract 89 concentration are in 5 respects, recently, the reporter asks Mr Miao Jiwei of net of Chinese labor dispute technically to unscramble the clause of Xiang Yu the Conqueror that appears in labor contract.

" labor law " already specific provision, unit of choose and employ persons has no right in order to be pregnant, maternity leave, lactation for, repulsive female worker or one-sided remove labor contract. The consultative provision of lawbreaking regulation, even if party “ freewill ” concludes, also do not have legal effectiveness.

Miao Jiwei warns unit staff, once the clause of Xiang Yu the Conqueror of such appears in labor contract, or initiate tort action from this, employee can be complained to labour union, or to labor arbitral orgnaization applies for the arbitration.

Economy kind the party of the contract can agree one direction the other side gives pay deposit to serve as those who fulfil an agreement to assure. But " labor law " regulation, unit of choose and employ persons is in conclude with employee when labor contract, must not with any forms to employee collection deposit, bail (content) or guaranty gold (content) .

Penny takes a fancy to the sale of some company to represent position, negotiate with this company then the relevant matters concerned of employ, do not think, company controller puts forward “5 unexpectedly the requirement that ” must not be pregnant inside year, if penny does not agree, the company will take no account of employ. Because heart of to apply for a job is cut, penny is forced against one's will acceptance. Say to not have to prevent an opening by, this clause content was added in the contract that the company still signs in both sides.

Our country inductrial injury is sure to abide by without fault responsibility principle, him employee of if it were not for is intended behavior be caused by, if produce inductrial injury accident, no matter unit or whether is employee put in fault, no matter cause the responsibility of harm to be in who, should undertake harming compensating to its according to formulary level.   

Like most employee, xiaozhang knows in the first day of the accused that go to work, need to make 1000 yuan deposit. Pieces at first is small do not understand this is why, he just knows later, this is the make provision that after the boss is article of unit of the commodity have things stolen that prevents an unit or employee attaint, took. Job to can be protected, xiaozhang must not pay deposit as number.
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