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The provision of the commonnest a few big Xiang Yu the Conqueror in labor contra
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The type of work that Su Lin of 45 years old applies for is machining, although work not to calculate onerous, but the machine tool that uses as a result of working place is belonged to on century the old equipment of 70 time, put in certain insecure hidden trouble, accordingly, once produce inductrial injury,in signed labor contract the unit increased “ technically, holding cost provides for oneself by employee the clause of ” .

Letting what Mr Liu feels mysterious is, he should work overtime every weeks 2 times in the unit, but never had taken overwork salary.

To this he enquires to the company, company be put in charge deputy always tell him, our unit has not to work overtime not to increase fulfil ” provision into the “ of article.

According to the regulation, our country's active standard man-hour system is day-to-day work 8 hours, work 40 hours every week. According to above standard man-hour system plan sends pay pay, execute the unit that legal hourly wages makes, be in what work beyond standard working hours according to needing actually to arrange employee lawfully, answer to pay overtime separately by the regulation, is not to include between standard pay.

The labor that character young lady signs recently has a such regulations in the contract, if work,resent 5 years, abdication of break a contact, will pay unit penalty due to breach of contract 30 thousand yuan.

What work as a result of character young lady is crucial point branch, she thinks such company provision is reasonable, because this is on this contract,signed.

" rules of Shanghai labor contract " regulation, in penalty due to breach of contract of the set in labor contract, be confined to is disobeyed service period agrees and disobey conservative trade secret to agree two kinds of circumstances. And the agreement serves period, be confined to is right by unit of choose and employ persons contributive action is used, groom or provide other and special treatment, if the unit is employee contributive buy a room to wait. Besides, cannot agree in labor contract penalty due to breach of contract.

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