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Default salary abdication to need not shift to an earlier date 30 days
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Already successive 3 months do not take what sufferred an unit to Mr Li that pay considers to resign instantly to refuse. Does Mr Li continue to work 30 days even? The reporter learns from branch of this city labor insurance yesterday, mr Li can leave his post instantly not only, still can chase after to the unit demand due pay.

Occupy Mr Li incoming telegram to mirror, the labor contract that he and unit signed by a definite date one year, at present the contract still is being fulfilled period inside. But, although he works according to contract agreement, unit however again and again with unit benefit bad for do not send knock off endowment, lasted 3 months. He wants to leave an unit now, the unit puts forward to must shift to an earlier date 30 days to inform an unit according to the regulation however, accordingly he works 30 days again in the unit even.

This city labor ensures a branch to express, although " rules of Shanghai labor contract " thirtieth regulation: Laborer removes labor contract, ought to shift to an earlier date 30 days to inform choose and employ persons of the unit with written form. But in thirtieth one also stipulates unit of choose and employ persons did not pay work reward to perhaps offer labor condition according to labor contract agreement, laborer can inform choose and employ persons the unit removes at any time labor contract. Accordingly, mr Li can ask to remove at any time. If produce controversy from this, mr Li can wait for a way to safeguard his legitimate rights and interests through censorial branch is informed against or applying for the arbitration to labor.

Once labor insurance branch checks practical person unit to be put in the behavior that defaults worker pay really, but according to " labor ensures censorial byelaw " the 26th pay pay that instructs its deadline to pay worker, exceed the time limit does not pay, instruct unit of choose and employ persons to pay amount 50 % above by coordinate 1 times the following standard computation, add to laborer pay compensation.