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Employee lives secret book: Arouse working passion 10 action
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4. appeals the force at office stylist, will solve your dried up problem.

In other country of the Asia, if Han Ri reachs southeast Asia, office stylist people have the energy that provides “ psychology to comfort agent ” generally, they determine above all your dried up symptom comes from withered dry up of imaginary atrophy, motivation after all, still come from human relation insecurity or pressure to exceed mark …… next, they are placed in the different position of the office dance large perhaps halcyon hangs orchid of careless, Thailand, crystal ball, the “ that will improve the office enrages a ” , listen go up a bit weird right incorrect? But stylist of classics of most person report so change his costume or dress, work as expected smooth rise. You are understandable the magnetic field that is crystal and halcyon is acting well, understandable also for, the dependence that had mentally and prop up, your state of mind has greatly different, and movement power also is to depend on state of mind how.

5. changes your lunch.

Professional psychology of Japan grooms division discovery, bad company case meal will be reduced greatly work overtime a group of things with common features afternoon the enduring ability after 4 o'clock, the repast with machine-made “ magnified the one side of the insipid in professional career. ” psychology grooms division proposal is walked out of from the office, do not want the dining-room have dinner like be in everyday, change an environment, manage to the inn that play a side, birthday inn, gust is fastfood go with inn of confectionery cakes and sweetmeats, meet with colleague or friend. “ calculates available have a look at shopwindow, also be the suction on a kind of spirit oxygen means. After ” changes lunch way, other place of meaning of a lot of people is experienced, they are right do poorly done work over again, work overtime, the frustrated ability that fight defeat and endurance, increased.

Before 6. is investing Fang Chuixun, collect favorable to you data more as far as possible.

“ investment always just makes me ” of not know what to do, obviously the market goes sign is good still, resolution of board of directors calls you additional sound road however come, and, do not know to be collected from where come so much negative opinion comes encircle and suppress you. This makes a person headache really, how to do? Collecting evidence to persuade investment just is only outlet. Do not want to avoid, do not believe “ truth not differentiate is axiomatic ” , you adopt ” of “ ostrich policy to invest Fang Yue to feel those adverse to you hearsay are true more. Can move exclusively those who cast those representing capital is data, collect more data to prove your effort has effect as far as possible. Transverse compare and fore-and-aft should do quite sufficient, want to know, best argue hand also can be before data dumb like that.
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