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Employee lives secret book: Arouse working passion 10 action
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10. learns to manage boss.

From above to below permeates major pressure, if you always are in “ to be permeated ” , “ by the condition of drive ” , you can discover you fell into the hook that gets blame at every turn slowly, even, your ask for instructions is gotten too much also can offend boss to bore, he can say: Don't you have “ a bit definite idea? Where is your initiative? ” but if you are act on one's own, boss can say again: “ you think your idea, represented my cherished desire certainly? The feeling of ” not know what to do appears come, your self-confidence was dropped with respect to leakage, accordingly, remember be in for a short while the habit of ” of boss of nurturance “ management, everything arrived on your hand, divide an importance first, carry 9 the most crucial to be communicated with boss only, if his expression asks gravely: Why don't I know “ something? ” must not apologize hastily, can take processing him to look as a result, say neither haughty nor humbly: You are handling “ at that time more important thing, I think this thing is OK wait a little while to tell you. ”

The active advantageous position on duty field, oneself contend for fetch. You hand in responsibility, hand in contradiction while, also often handed in own advantageous position, meet in that way be used to is bad your boss, also can letting yourself feel to work is bored “ dummy life ” .

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