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Duty field sincere advice: 13 when you cannot evade army compasses
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1. comes forward when bout bird

Odd the bird is hit very likely, bullet is hit on bird body is tragic bloodshed event certainly. And hit on your body, with respect to may not so painful. But remember, no matter you do not go out drily to give prize, your heart is greatly dilate certainly, this is you decide force adjustably in the future.

Do not have this, you are to won't remember what be born honor and anguish are photograph companion.

2. small gesture is entered

Annie finds new job when taking layer of some big company senior management, by her qualifications and record of service, she has capital insolent too. But she was not done so, had nearly two months however lie Hu Canglong. She engineered the 3rd month single-handed strict test, but the interest that still belongs to below is attached most importance to. Annie conserves oneself while also be in choosing others.

The secret weapon of 3. woman

Fine-looking, tender, exquisite with the heart sturdy, it is the strong point that on-the-job field can develop the female. If you are beautiful and have wisdom, that invites opposite party very easily the good impression to you, on the good opinion that changes pair of things.

4. is known when to abandon

The person that succeed knows: In certain hour, abandoning is optimal choice. A female producer once hesitated, it is to be in very advantageous at that time work locally, be still oneself work? She abandons finally advantageous, chose independence, she achieved greater progress.

5. is contacted actively with stranger

Below specific situation, want to strike up a conversation actively with stranger, the chance that you may get expect is less than. Of course, this needs you to have patience not only, have courage, and want resource agile, with the heart door of genuine open the other side.

6. envies as accrete as envy

Had combed envy and envy, make their photograph companion unripe, ability is neither haughty nor humble, unflappable, easy ground faces everything.

7. reserve capacity and reserve fund are euqally main

Young girl Helen always has too much dissatisfaction, the first job has challenge sex, it is pay low, ability half an year, found new job. Sherry insists to come down however, through 3 years take exercise, she had comprehensive knowledge to performance market, because become independent,engineered a large show finally to show itself.

8. runs your mouth

Run your mouth, be afraid it is difficult to want than providing your heart. Mouth always loves it seems that follow one's inclinations, essential perhaps against one's will and say. The body is on-the-job, if your mouth is without block, that bramble is met nowhere is absent.

9. builds gregarious platform at any time

In the festival, you had better be in the crowd, the friend's Party, with the fixed party of the industry, you also want to be attended as far as possible. Because your gregarious platform is such building. Your look, your bearing, you have the gregarious glamour of charm to be able to help you quite. You need not every time so dazzling, but best always can extraordinary.
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