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Duty field sincere advice: 13 when you cannot evade army compasses
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10. dares to say “ not”

You often become a benign and uncontentious person who is indifferent to matters of principle why on earth, help others examine a data a little while, accompany others to go out to handle affairs a little while. You should try to say not, say the work on the hand is too nervous now, must make the best of time. You often do not hinder at face, feel to feel embarrassed, otherwise the thing inside your portion always is by protracted.

The story of 11. frog

A small frog plays in an easy hot spring, although be added the ado of warm hot water ceaselessly, but it still was borne, finally, when water lukewarm enough irons it dead, it has done not have effort and courage desert. And another gets at the beginning the assault of high temperature water, at a draught with respect to desert. Accordingly, your suiting ability and susceptibility should maintain constantly, otherwise with the passing of time can suffer disaster.

12. passes through the gray area of life

A lot of person that succeed can discover, in the most difficult hour, they generated the idea that abandon, and should insist to come down only, can rejoice to did not quit. In fact, your true attitude is you pass through the hope of life gray area.

13. becomes office star

Office star is not you conscientious, hard-working can get come. You must be good at packing your, let boss and colleague know, you are clever agree to work, be happy to help a person again, to the boss very strong loyalty is spent.

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