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Gossip loves " stick " whose duty field avoids gossip 5 old law
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3, introspection oneself. Fly does not bite without seamed egg, of gossip whether to appear to be done so that misgivings concerns with him where respect really? If be him where respect really,play unjust, for person heartless, and even did have be contrary to moral thing, might as well acknowledge a mistake face to face and correct, get the public forgive with support, let gossip drop in temperature or flameout.

4, study its flaw. Plunge into after tightening him fence, can hit out actively next, drive gossip. Gossip most be afraid of the truth and sunshine, place accident fact and truth, open wide gate conversation, can give life of gossip as a result biff.

5, abandon adverse however. Undeniable, all gossip more or less with link up with of word of “ benefit ” , part hard, if you abandon ” of small “ benefit or ” of benefit of place oneself “ outside, criterion but effective and evasive gossip. Of course, here abandoning is to be abandoned effectively, it is retreat in order to advance, otherwise medium the decoy of rumormonger, oneself also the loss outweights the gain.

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