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With the 4 big notes when boss travels together
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Hold chance, make public individual character

Travel together with boss, go to different ground be away on official business together, can says is a the main chance that all can show oneself advantage specialty, when those, you can need not fear the colleague is envious, say ” of your “ applepolish; Besides boss also is the person with sentient vivid, manage an alien land of be unfamiliar with the place and the people personally, you are the person that his only is familiar with, in mentally nature can have a kind to be close to feeling and self-identity to feel with what differ at ordinary times. Had these natural advantages, the show that watchs you next. Can say, this is an as different as customary yard place arena, but its importance and the meaning to professional career not allow oversight, you should be accomplished relaxed however not indulge, insecurity is not inflexible however, loosen the ground completely to show his, the advantage in make public individual character, let boss can understand adequately and know you. Manage different land personally, nature of ability affection, character will be opposite your ability and insight to will produce an effect more or less henceforth. If everything is away on official business smoothly,come back, ” can travel together all the way because of “ between you and boss and increase trifling sentiment. Must not think those are insignificant minor matter only, the total meeting place from the a bit understands thoroughly the boss of acumen your character and individual character.

Seek accurate seat, when good greenery

Travel together with boss, must make clear the assistant of boss of oneself fixed position —— . Of course, this assistant also is not passive ground acts as, in appropriate time should the duty of exercise assistant, all oneself can help boss, but, do not forget the identity of ” of him “ greenery please. If highlight ego blindly, a presumptuous guest usurps the host's role, often do not please painfully. We should like to ask, if boss distains to be considered to your doing, when feeling disgusted extremely even, why do you talk about a success again? Be away on official business together with boss, no matter be the detail in the important matter on the job or life, do not want arrogate to oneself to make a stand, should hear the opinion of boss first. In the meantime, do not appear again without brains, devoid definite idea. Should have held this to spend be not easy thing. Optimal way is reason of to table a proposal, specification, give boss power to make decisions. Oneself duty should be made clear before be away on official business, lest appear malapropos words and deeds. Must not make babyish and elementary mistake, and almost is lost to use up to your good impression in your boss head, and even lead to undesirable consequence.

Jump out to set pattern, show itself

Bussiness trip process besides the job, still be an absolutely good chance that shows ego, your “ monodrama ” appears because of environmental change particularly distinctive, right now, boss can acclaim for your superexcellent expression, begin favour at you. A lot of moment, familiar environment and working form not only the thinking that manacles you, affect the development of your potential, and the first impression that changes you not easily to leave another person. And the different environment of different ground and intercourse limits, often can offer the opportunity of different common to you, and your excellent performance will make boss transforms solid some, unfavorable to you opinion, make you get enough attention. Must not look down upon this one pace, it makes the significant a favourable turn in your destiny probably.
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