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With the 4 big notes when boss travels together
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Run good mouth, speak and act cautiously

Travel together with boss, be in alone when two people when, be unavoidable to comment the person in a few units and thing. Often be test at this moment your character when, do not think in this specific environment, the relationship of you and boss is all-time already and close, OK Jie machine makes carding comments. Remember: Be good at be sure others wants to be able to win the good impression of boss more than liking to find fault. Especially when rearward comments each other, be good at discovering the virtue of others, is not to censure blindly, can reflect your good-tempered, magnanimous more. Have be proficient in only this, ability uses the turning point that be away on official business effectively, show the character charm of competitor of him prep above to boss, agree with with obtaining boss to be mixed to your appreciate.

In fact, travel together with boss, had handled the relation of Alexandrine department, it is an extremely delicate art. Because of what travel together with you can not be others, it is your boss, there is your “ lifeblood ” in the hand. Travel together with boss, if inventive opportunity, even if brief itinerary, what also can win boss is admiring, thereby him refresh duty field life.

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