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The profession needs 5 charging signal
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Signal 1: Whether do you feel current your profession is uninteresting?

Sha Li learns in the university when, not too the finance that has deep love for oneself is professional, but the opportunity that did not change his profession when graduation, still took bank of a foreign capital. “ I always am not quite set my mind at to work, feel oneself meaning of present working it doesn't matter, the illusion is worn can do reporter, compere one day or lawyer, is not to facing the coin that does not belong to his all the day. A few years, I ever signed up attend news of Beijing broadcast institute to learn to teach by correspondence professionally, still reviewed period of time to want to study lawyer qualification evidence. ”

Actually, the environment of bank of foreign capital of Sha Li place is very good, it is the ideal profession of the good-paying in eye of a lot of people. The face is in to doctor of a lot of Masters competition when the position of bank of a foreign capital, sha Li just feels he was necessary to charge really now. I am preparing “ master's degree of finance of on-the-job application international, to this, my boss supports very much, it is my major after all. Since decided to go in this group, cannot fall behind. Hardheaded go doing, should not wrong. ”

Expert viewpoint: Live in the duty field with this intense today competition in the environment, very difficult “ loves group to do a ” , what we can do is group of love of “ dry group ” , will fend as far as possible and life achieves harmonious unity, otherwise, have grandiose aims but puny abilities, can delay lifetime. If want to relay in this industry add goes down, charging is the method with feasible only, otherwise if mean your meeting “ to devalue ” .

Signal 2: The “ backwater ” that whether are you managing career of on-the-job course of study period?

The selling manager of brand of a famous dress is on the west, the business that is in charge of northern region has had 3 years of time. This looks in others the position of envy making a person, let her make the decision of abdication between one night however. I feel “ my professional career is facing unprecedented backwater predicament, always doing the business that has done before, repeat over innovation, and with me current position has very hard also in the company again bigger served as. ”

Receive fist, wait in order to accumulate greater power to hit out again. Emerald green the reason that explains she resigns so on the west. She what the graduate student graduates abandoned favorable treatment, good career foundation, a lot of people indissoluble all round command of execution of this with one action. And she says however, on-the-job field go to work made a few years, oneself are precipitant boxing hand all the time, now is to stop when adjusting ego. I had decided “ to continue to read my dress to design major to France, to the job henceforth, not afraid, because have this is self-confident,choosing abdication is. ”
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