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The profession needs 5 charging signal
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Expert viewpoint: Person in its occupational a certain phase can appear ” of backwater of so called “ period, this kind of circumstance is a signal, once appear,show you to needed to charge. Important is to should be placed oneself state of mind, establish “ to do not have occupational stability, only skilled stability and the idea that renew ” , turn professional process into a never-ending study and the process that improve.

Signal 3: Whether did you discover to “ UFO ” appears in his job suddenly?

The Xiaomo that works nearly 5 years in IT industry says frankly: "Find the job to already made the history with respect to the system of get sth done once and for ever, I lie all the time a kind of condition with race of knowledge of newest science and technology. The knowledge of information age shows expansile patulous trend, the information that just masters, when perhaps passing two days to already was passed, if update knowledge not in time, be washed out very easily. "This kind of “ UFO ” that often appears in the job makes Xiaomo nervous, the awkwardness that does not want to let colleague, boss see his occasionally and spellbound, she must spend very big energy cloak, but the effect however very not ideal.
“ inchoate moment, what I still think this is me nevertheless is spoffish, but the case is more and more severe later, I had very big psychology responsibility gradually, still run to had seen psychological doctor even. My suddenly see the light lets finally if one learns to grow, he says to there are two kinds of people only on field of ‘ future duty: One kind is so busy that want dead person, because of the job and study; Additionally one kind is the person that cannot find the job. I can not think ’ a kind of person after becoming. ”

Dig down attended him Xiaomo a few period the IT trade that American expert conducts grooms, although expenditure is very tall, can learn, feel the sureness in the heart, and before those often the “ UFO ” of presence also disappeared.

Expert viewpoint: “ is on-the-job charge ” is to prevent “ talent to devalue a kind of of ” good methods, should let him “ do not devalue ” , that needs otherwise to break ground “ to charge ” . Study is never-ending, want to establish the concept of lifelong study. People often says no less than: You can never rest, otherwise, you rest forever.

Signal 4: The road of your duty field whether too successful?

An Fei is the financial chief inspector of a trading company, all accountant business accounting that is in charge of company fluctuation works, also calculate going up is one is holding the man of the time of bag of entire company cash. From the university graduation arrives now, time of 8 years went, although do not have “ of that one paper to register the certificate of accountant ” , can work rise, also be to want wind to get wind, want rain to have rain.
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