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The profession needs 5 charging signal
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“ feels job of all-pervasive enough competency because of me, the leader also compares regard highly I. Tell the truth, it is not easy to find a job, can ‘ stop ’ is more difficult. I was not necessary to take an examination of a certificate to go, and delay me everyday the job, in that way word, my boss also can have a view to me. All sorts of certificate are taken an examination of ceaselessly after my a lot of classmates go to work, attend all sorts of study classes, the hope can jump toward bigger company ‘ ’ , asked for leave to learn even, the result affected working outstanding achievement, those who get is the salary that does not match with ability. ”

Expert viewpoint: If how perhaps pooring, looking from current point of view is correct really, if put it in the setting of an old intellectual economy age,can analyse, with respect to have not a leg to stand on. Is “ onefold model how does talent ” make he becomes “ compound model talent ” ? Executive skill is laid in, make value “ lasts ” is crucial. “ ability does not press person ” more, “ charges ” and “ respect ” of course of study to ought not to have any conflict, “ charges ” is for better “ respects ” of course of study, this should be professional female's vigilant one side.

Signal 5: Whether do you find new job for the “ in the future is ” ready?

After snow rice graduates from foreign language institute, be in an international shipping company to British book chief delegate becomes a secretary, be being waited for is two years, a few home mix her bring into contact with during this the company with big international seeks advice from an orgnaization, when the foreign company that is in to snow rice in them does strategy of Chinese market whole to plan, snow rice begins to realise the foreground with advisory infinite and vast industry gradually, this makes she begins to collect the information of this respect and data conciously, make a plan in the future for his.

“ my major is English, say English besides can normal in that way like the foreigner ground besides, look today and do not have any specialty but character, then, after this marine company worked two years, I applied for the MBA of American Colombia university eventually, the country can be crossed to seek advice to after I want to learn the job goes in the company, the operator that is an enterprise people offer all-around solution. Of course, this has price, from traditional industry jumps in a burgeoning sunny industry, only can reach the practice of the purpose to charge namely. ”

Expert viewpoint: The mainland of the internationalization of indigenous industry and international enterprise is changed, make those have " expert in one thing and good at many " , perfectness equipment of the extroversion of regulation of business affairs of international of a foreign language, be proficient in talent accepts favour. So, charge in time so as to increases a career to make the capital that go all out, the program that must be the same as oneself profession career is contacted cheek by jowl, achieve a study sth in order to apply it.
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