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Shen Saisan of the person that face duty field to apply for a job
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Below IBM, pine, associate these company names like magnetic field general, to duty field go-between, be opposite especially the undergraduate of experience duty field is had first exceed strong appeal. Seek advice from case count through on 10 thousand, the person of 89% is in confront ” of “ name look forward to and average company two OFFER when metropolis choice is former, although that position does not suit his,develop. Professional program division analyses: Face the temptation of ” of “ name look forward to, to apply for a job person must have done the following at 3 o'clock.

Good profession fixed position is become first before to apply for a job

Everybody must analyse the disposition of out body and advantage before to apply for a job, namely do I suit “ most what to do? I most what be good at doing? ” just won't make the decision that gives a mistake when facing major choice so. Such analysis is the process that one individual profession locates, it is clearer that this meeting makes a chooser what do oneself need, make its choice more rational. Besides, interest and viewpoint of value also can affect a person to occupational preference, it is so before to apply for a job must him labor the feature of this respect.

Understand the culture of different company more

relatively at medium and small businesses character, the origanization construction of famous and large company is relatively giant, so, the function of every position is differentiated quite meticulously. Accordingly, these enterprises value the communication ability of employee and group consciousness more, if do not have the preparation that makes a screw, had better not enter such business so. Medium and small businesses because the fine of personnel, ask everybody wants to have a variety of technical ability at the same time, it can develop a person's all-around ability more than large well-known company.

Professional program division reminds those wanting that garrison the to apply for a job of a look forward to person: Different company has different company culture, before preparation is entered, what is wanting what what oneself go after to make clear first, whether does oneself suit the working atmosphere over there.

Odd with respect to foreign capital enterprise character, euramerican enterprise encourages free spirit, more the creation thinking that urges employee him play goes working; Day Han enterprise insists to develop group efforts drive, go all out in work ceaselessly, hard enterprising is the quality that employee should have.

Establish company of choose of the reelection after the standard

In the contemporary society that economic high speed develops, the working opportunity that seeks famous and large company does not have pair of bad component, just need a standard. On the basis that becomes fixed position of good oneself profession, the analysis gives the disposition of oneself, interest, hobby and viewpoint of value, the company culture look that pursues with oneself again is compared, if suit, so be at ease go going after, if do not suit, although enter among them, also do not spend the youth in him waste.
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