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4 important words in professional career
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In professional career, everybody longs to succeed, longing can get the secret book of touch a stone and turn it into gold, ignored a few precious detail in everyday life and speech however. A person whether successful, ability is on one hand, but good psychological quality decided an outcome greatly however. Let us remember 4 words below, no matter be oneself or it is others speaks of, go-between of field of duty of cordial hope everybody can get from which a few inspire, develop oneself good profession mentality.
1, a sentence that merits comfort most: I come to “ . ”  
Comprehend: Everybody is in his professional career, have when needing to help most. Passed the work of a week exhaustion for instance, want to enjoy when you relaxed when on the weekend, discover the conduit in the home is bad suddenly. You call to plumber, say when him I come to “ when ” , you can feel huge is relaxed. Drive when you travel is on the road of heavy traffic, the car is abrupt flameout. The car from the back discharges growing dragon again, cry desperately flute is urgent, at this moment you call impatiently to the colleague, say when him I come to “ when ” , the ground fell like a stone in your heart. Accordingly, when others encounters difficulty to appeal to you, did not forget to say: I come to “ ! ” puts into practice immediately next, will get the help of more person when he encounters difficulty so, and meeting associate with a lot of bosom friends, this is the mental fortune with how old brushstroke!
2, most a word that allows a person to strengthen confidence: I believe “ you go. ”
Comprehend: An outstanding teacher tells me, he teachs a student to have a tricks of the trade, often look for a student namely alone confabulate. No matter achievement is outstanding, still is grade is poorer, he says to them: I believe you go. A such simple speech cross the student's face like stroke of a spring breeze, had dripped like a warm current the student's heart, accordingly, each is full of the student that he has taught self-confident, the overall result in the class in taking an exam greatly again every time can be far ahead. The education level of this teacher compares a colleague actually and do not have tall, but this one word that he hangs in mouth edge in professional middling, make he became an outstanding teacher however. From this a logion that I think of Mr Sun Zhongshan: The heart believes his feasible, move what hill fills the of great capacity is difficult, have successful day eventually. Not only the student is such, old people also is such. Encounter when a person difficult, occurrence fault or indecisive when, if his leader or fellow say a “ ,I believe your ” , “ I feel you go ” , so he is met very quickly encouraged.
3, most a word that makes a person can free and easy: “ takes your route, let others say! ”  
Comprehend: A person wants to work in its profession career give achievement one time, must have dare enter the mind that dare go all out, it is to be become hard cringingly big implement. On the road that advances in oneself, the affirmation that how needs others and support, but often prepare to work energetically in oneself when, a cold water buckles somebody general to make your heart thoroughly fully cool on your head. The succeed person in the life, always look further than others, think more greatly than others, do morer than others, also sufferring slanderous gossip, sarcastic comments with respect to hard to avoid even scandal. The person that shrinks back before gossip goes on the route that people has gone after all, get also only others gets, be without new idea. So, when hearing different voice every time, the words and deeds that wants him be cautious already, more want sturdy oneself determination, say to oneself a “ lets others say! ” is like character of Lu Xun place: Sneer of the home hold with, always gain a success in reform later.
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