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4 important words in professional career
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4, a word that can dissolve contradiction most: “ perhaps you are right. ”
Comprehend: Call a person to be in hassle disarm, admit his mistake in conflict, be very the business that hurts reputation. But fall in a lot of circumstances, speak “ perhaps you are right ” this word, go out with respect to the fury of meeting enkindle, those who make growl is cool-headed, make the fist of brandish is put down, make divergent opinion hasten is the same as. It can avoid a lot of harm and loss not only, and the solidarity that can maintain whole and stability. This is injury of a both neither and self-respect can clever a word that maintains position of the other side, lip, the effect is shown instantly, and should speak this “ perhaps you are right ” , what won't him a bit lose, he Le is? And this word also is attached most importance to especially in domesticity should, should make a noise because of a bit bagatelle between husband and wife when rising, hinder not to want to compromise to the other side at face when both sides when, one party can a little a bit soberer, speak: Perhaps you are right. A lot of contradiction are between instantly come to naught.

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