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Investigation shows: The kid of 84.3 % affirms him " struggling
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Just finish " you are in why and struggle " investigation shows, “ car and house ” with of 53.5% obtain choose the first place that lead a list, “ person is equaler, more harmonious ” , “ helps the society country of ” of weak force group, “ is more prosperous and strong one of struggling targets that ” also is hundreds on 1000 youths.

" struggle " fire, discuss of work in the same placing thick and fast, let “ north bleach young ” Wang You at the same time shout is worn “ does not have leisure to see ” , use at the same time two days see 32 market from the beginning on the weekend end —— him already very long not was opposite a teleplay is so enchanted.

Nevertheless, be not everybody to like teleplay of this encourage annals like Wang You. In eye of a lot of people, it is a soap opera that is far from the life only, it is the fairy tale of excessive of an illusion that lay a person, meaning.

Cast teleplay, “ struggling ” this word is current really the keyword of many young status. Last week, center of investigation of society of Chinese youth newspaper and combination of center of Tecent network news launched an online investigation, 9488 in filling the person that answer, the person of 84.3% affirms him “ is struggling ” .

This teleplay leaves “ actually we are very far, let me think however nevertheless: I am in struggle, I am in why to struggle. ” Wang You tells the author. “ are you in for what after all struggle? ” is connecting a few days, he reachcaptures in friend circle who does ask. Someone says: “ I for filial parents. ” someone says: “ for the life. Can ”“ live not to need too much money? ” Wang You can continue to examine minutely. Someone says: “ lives besides what eat, the biggest enjoyment depends on be together with the sweetheart, get along comfortably. ”

This second investigation discovers, struggling target of the youth is becoming diversity of all the more, in “ you are in why and in the problem of struggling ” , 16 option are not had come to nothing, “ car and house ” this one actual option, with the vote of 53.5% the row is in the first place; “ person is equaler, more harmonious ” , “ helps the society one of struggling targets that ” of weak force group also is hundreds on 1000 youths.

The person of 84.3% affirms him “ is struggling”

Actually everybody is in “ struggle ah ” , degenerate already from ridicule “ all the time the Wang You of ” is the closest abruptly “ awareness ” corrected oneself, “ has too much ideal in my heart actually, just feel to be no good from personal actual strength occasionally, feel embarrassed say just. ”

You say “ , I do not want to struggle, come to Beijing do what? When ” just graduates, wang You is in a small company of Nanjing to having stable station, rely on the home close, need not work overtime basically, equal time holiday still has allowance, it is “ only everyday faineant, wanting to come off work every day, syare blankly to screen ” . In QQ group in listening to former fellow student to say he rises job, perhaps changed a better job, he begins him self-examination, “ is thinking some day of future, the brother that plays guitar together in those days swings him suddenly possibly in back aloof. ”
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