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Investigation shows: The kid of 84.3 % affirms him " struggling
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This year in Feburary, wang You is carrying parental demit on the back duty, taking the not much saving below much save money of working half an year to come to Beijing. This momently, his struggling target also became “ to look for ” of a good job into Beijing ” from “ . “ is told to the person that floats in Beijing for the most part, the job and major, ideal concerns not quite, it just jobs, of course, it also is ongoing cornerstone. ”

“ the pursuit of everybody is actually different, be short of why to struggle. ” Wang You says. Those who do not have money for money desperately, those who do not have degree try hard for degree, those who do not have love struggle for love the person that those …… what had is met the business that shout “ did not challenge, undeserved go going after! ”

The fact is, forever next target makes you enchanted. Here, part of speech of ” of parvenu of the fortune after “80 rises to surface; There, “ is rich young lady of childe of 2 acting ” comes on stage sadly. Successful no longer Yao cannot be reached, each is famous have the case with real last name, make you want to hide difficult.

This times gave “ kid countless example, also gave them endless power. Everybody began the reflection of self-worth. ” has participate in inquirer to say.

This second investigation shows, the person of 84.3% affirms him “ is struggling ” .

Investigation shows at the same time, before the struggling target in people look is discharged so that lean quite is “ house and car (the life with 53.5%)” , better “ (44.0%)” , “ becomes wealthy person (43.7%)” , “ seeks a good job (23.9%)” the real cause of ego of these press close to.

Meanwhile, still have 1268 young people “ person equaler, the society is more harmonious ” , 763 people lose “ help 715 force group ” , youths “ country one of struggling targets that more prosperous and strong ” is him clearly.

“ goes after the easy life of a small family that has crossed his, it is progress of a times, set out from here, all targets no longer entirely imaginary. The somebody in ” investigation leaves a message.

“ arrived we this generation, what thing is expensive”

To the job already for Xu Tao of 7 years, the life still is “ pressure is more than dynamical ” , 2500 yuan of right-and-left monthly pay let him every month have too many problems to deal with, 1700 yuan when the individual deposits money to still lose 300 —— to go up to buy a mobile phone to brush to old father last month up to now still are done not have to now pay off.

“ arrived we this generation, what thing is expensive. ” Xu Tao says. In investigation, the netizen of 69.7% is avowed be in with father generation same age when photograph comparing, pressure is greater.
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