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Investigation shows: The kid of 84.3 % affirms him " struggling
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We read “ elementary school when, read an university not to want money; When we read an university, read elementary school not to want money; When we can work, bump head broken and bleedingly to just look for portion hunger constrainedly not the the dead's job; When our money earns strong much point, the house had been canned not afford. ” this is a network go up wide for a Duan Zi that circulate, although not without biased, however very the awkwardness that figure ground mirrorred this generation youth to be faced with.

The powerful pressure that “ lives is gobbling up them. They are very much the person is having still calculate good job, income, but the pressure of legitimate child of the house price of too high to reach, prices that rises ceaselessly, knot, let them feel depressed with overworked. ” somebody comments on youth of the ” after “80 so.

Every months of 800 yuan job also has “ now a gang person goes grabbing ” , resemble what say inside teleplay, reality makes them confused. The Li Yan that was born 1986 is sweet, summer vacation just looked on the net this year " struggle " the story ” of graduate of this “ college, threw the main forces of to apply for a job of dynamic.

No matter be practice experience, integrated quality even appearance condition, li Yan is sweet the person above average in saying going up is a classmate. However the closest period of time, she is sent again and again in the Job edition on school BBS post appeal, bring so that everybody is surprised.

“ is original, still want to take Chinese shift to keep a copy, go striving for Bao Jie, next absorption go learning Japanese. The Li Yan that ” has had outstanding exercitation to experience in Chinese shift is sweet to be being moved employ self-confidence is full, and the experience that had applied for treasure clean trainee last year also lets him feel the victory is so not distant.

“ but, know Bao Jie in same day the accused there be hanged, china also does not have me on mobile list of enrollees. ” is the most yearning, one is most confident, become a visionary hope, li Yan is sweet double blow was sufferred in the instant.

What is “ struggles, struggle to perhaps want to bear hardships namely, but bear hardships however not likely can succeed. ” Li Yan is sweet not by knockdown, she feels even, the pressure of father generation is greater, “ person of their that generation, struggle to do not have provenance. In ” investigation, the person of 13.8% and Li Yan are sweet hold same point of view, of 16.5% suffer the person that visit to think the pressure of two acting people is similar.

The environment of that generation mixes “ parents good luck and we this generation is completely different, although our competition presses muscularity, but the good luck of social accord actually more. ” participates in the netizen of investigation to say so.
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