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Investigation shows: The kid of 84.3 % affirms him " struggling
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The dream is eternal

“ has pressure to just have power. ” this is a word that Xu Tao often hangs on the mouth.

In investigation, although be as high as the kid of 69.7% to think pressure compares him “ father generation is larger ” , the youth of 71.9% still affirms, oneself dream still is in.

Work 5 years, xu Tao experienced 13 jobs, most changed 12 two when begin years. “ did not exchange the land 3 this years, got stability to come down. ” Xu Tao likes Hu Kuo most, ’ of my friend Hu Kuo also says “‘ , ‘ boys, you yourselves should have a skill ’ that can live first. ”

“ feels actual strength is insufficient, accumulate slowly. ” Xu Tao says, “ as clearer to reality understanding, still perhaps can change later. ”

A few highbrow illusions did not have “ , struggling target will be more hardheaded. ” Li Yan is sweet without smash be rejectioned, do not have two days, she what sending high fever is in a company of interview will to the hotel wait that evening, “ decides interview to end formerly is in the late evening at 10 o'clock, thinking last classmate comes out already was before dawn much at 3 o'clock, but I am face of ‘ Xiang Yu the Conqueror ’(does not come forcedly however on interview list complier of —— of ask to see is noted) ah, I must when the last moment. ” although she waits those who come is another refuses.

“ adjusts state of mind hard, tell oneself, later interview, your face can take the next. ” Li Yan is sweet the happening that believes a thing always has a reason, coach through seeking advice from obtain employment at the same time teacher, in BBS hair post appeals analytic reason, prepare for war actively at the same time, seek an opportunity. “ setback also is a kind of fortune. ” Li Yan is sweet say, “ this blow of a series of unexpected, brought a lot of things to me instead, than was brought up between consistent night, become firm for instance, experience the feeling that fights to grow together side-by-side with the classmate for instance. ”

Present working pay is rich and generous, comfortable and leisurely and comfortable, cai Lei wants to abandon his professional ideal for a time. “ is taken an examination of in those days grind to be differred merely, I always think, ability is 22 years old, waiting for ’ of ‘ provide for the aged comfortably? ”

Hesitated one year, cai Lei decides “ removes ” eventually. To her, this is meant was to quit a good job not only, more little from oneself dream ground became close one pace. “ struggles in heart of that paragraph of time too intense, often hear " original dream " , want to cry very much. ” is waiting to deal with the Cai Lei of abdication formalities, laugh very happily however now: “ preparation coming home 2009 one's deceased father grind, although old hind I may feel for today's abdication regret, but should struggle for the dream at least. ” Cai Lei says her very sturdy now, take an examination of before “ when grinding, always wanting to send a few resume, state of mind differred now, the deathtrap of buy is born after that! ”
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